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Our history
Community and Agribusiness Development

Cambodia has gone through a civil war more than three decades which has placed the country in a devastating condition. Million people has been killed not only because of the fighting between different fractions but the poverty and food insecurity have pushed people in miserable conditions on both health and mental. The founders of Domnak Teuk especially Dr. Khieu Borin have had significant ¬— after his study in Cuba, Sweden, Germany, etc — contribution to the government and donors’ efforts in alleviating poverty of the rural community in Cambodia. Dr. Khieu Borin was also the founder of the Centre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (CelAgrid). After his several years’ work in community development and consulting services to a number of UN organizations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and European Union and other donors and his experiences with NGOs and development agencies has decided to establish Domnak Teuk Group to boost the Cambodian economy through businesses primarily in agriculture.

When community is at the subsistence level, NGO type of development is required to work not only on the food security aspect but also on the integrated community development approach including self-help group, social and technical capacity building, etc while the livelihood is improved, an agribusiness model is needed to booster both food security and income. Domnak Teuk Group established in 2008 is in the important position to build on the work of CelAgrid in more than 300 communities in various provinces in Cambodia. Starting in 2008 Domnak Teuk Group works in contract farming with 150 farm families in Takeo province but in 2009 its expands to about 2,000 farm families in Kandalm, Takeo and Pursat provinces.

Domnak Teuk values and principles

The values and principles of Domnak Teuk Group are based on the following points:
   Care of the natural environment and our planet
   Innovative and quality products
   Benefit to people we work with and to the Company
Domnak Teuk Vision

To be the leading enterprise for the sustainable economic and social growth.

Domnak Teuk Mission

Our mission is to work with all stakeholders including public and private sectors to develop a strong business network of good partnership, accountable and trust that enables the sustainable growth of profitability for the value chain actors, the company and the society.

Domnak Teuk Key Profile

Domnak Teuk Group has gathered experienced and motivated professionals particularly in Cambodia to join the development effort toward its values and principles. More than 10 professionals are working permanently with Domnak Teuk Group.

The people working for Domnak Teuk Group are motivated, strategic planners and creative thinkers to work with the present challenging world of globalization, climate change, rural livelihood and agribusiness. Click the link on Key Persons to read more

Dr. Khieu Borin


Dr. Borin has been active in the development work since 1988 with experience starting from the field work, technical consultant to the management as National Coordinator, Team Leader with UN organizations, projects/programs and NGOs working in agriculture, health, community development, environment and natural resources management and policy development. Dr. Borin is the founder of the Centre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (CelAgrid) and now the founder of Domnak Teuk Group. With his 20 years of experience, Dr. Borin holds the position of Chief Executive Officer.


Mr. Khlok Peng Hong
Deputy CEO

Mr. Hong works primarily in private business particularly on designing, architecture and implementing construction work in Cambodia such as hospitals, apartments, warehouses, etc. His success in business of the last 10 years contributes to the growth of Domnak Teuk Group. Mr. Hong joins Domnak Teuk as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.


Dr. Thoman Reg Preston

Dr. Preston currently held the position of the Director of the University of Tropical Agriculture Foundation based on Colombia has been very dynamic in developing countries in Latin America, Africa and South East Asia. Dr. Preston is one of the lead scientists in agriculture, natural resources management and renewable energy.

Dr. Preston, the founder of several research, educational and development institutions is now the adviser of Domnak Teuk Group.


Our Business and Services

  Domnak Teuk Group works in the areas of
    Business and Trading,
    Consulting Services,
    Investment in agricultural development, and

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